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How does it work?

In Halka, words disappear as you type so you can express yourself candidly without fear of judgment. You can write for as long as you want to or set a time limit.

At the end of a writing session, the entries are deleted and nothing gets saved.

Nothing gets saved?

Nope. For utmost privacy, sessions aren't saved locally, in the cloud or, well, anywhere. Halka also does not see what you write about. Once you're done, it's gone forever.

I would like to save some of my entries once in a while.

At the end of a session, you'll have an opportunity to view your entry before it's deleted. You can then take screenshots on your device to save your writing.

Do you track anything?

Nope! Nothing. Halka does not collect any data or track any metrics. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more details.

What does "Halka" mean?

"Halka" means "lightweight" in Bengali. It can also be used to mean "a small amount".

I have some other questions or comments!

Sure thing. Please use the button below to reach out!

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